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Data the World’s Most Valuable Resource

I just read an Article in the May 6th 2017 The Economist. Briefing The data economy, Fuel of he future.

An interesting thought that data is the oil of this century.

“Data are to this century what oil was to the last one: a driver of growth and change.” page 19

This idea gives you a lot to think about.

One thing to think about is the lack of fungibility for data.

And who owns the data?

Lot’s to think about.

Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement



Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement by Laura Sebastian-Coleman.

This the kind of book I like finding and recommending. DQAF, Data Quality Measurement Framework. The book brings quality control to data management. The first section of the book thoroughly covers definitions. It then goes on to explain measure. Continuing on to the how part of data quality. The book is is a useful reference book. I know that I will use it as a reference for upcoming writing and talks.