R for Everyone

R for Everyone Advanced Analytics and Graphics by Jared P. Lander published by Addison Wesley 2013.

A couple quotes from the book. Chapter 11 page 117 “data munging” a term coined by Simple founder Josh Reich. I have been curious about where the term data munging came from. And from Chapter 23 page 359 “The combination of knitr and Rstudio IDE is so powerful that is was possible to write this entire book inside the RStudio IDE using knitr to insert and run R code and graphics. ” Wow, a whole book, we have come a long way since I used EMACS as a word processor and wished EXCEL had a spell checker.

The beginning of the book covers the basics that are good for beginners to know. The most useful Chapter, six on reading data into R.

The book covers many advanced topics, like time series, survival analysis and splines with enough information on packages and code to point you in the right direction.