R By Example


R by Example by Jim Albert and Maria Rizzo. Published Springer Press 2013

The thoughtfulness of this book demonstrates the authors statement that this book was written to answer students questions.

Data sets used are varied, old and newer. Including horse kicks to Prussian army officers(my great,great grandpa Peter was in the Prussian Army) and  Chapter 13.1 estimating when will Sam meet Annie from Sleepless in Seattle, using Monte Carlo method for computing intervals.

Chapter 3.4 shows how to make a contingency table in R. Something that I wish there was a good package for.

Chapter 11 on Simulating Experiments tells where the term Monte Carlo came from then continues on to show by example how to implement the code.

11.5 on Patterns of dependence in a sequence has good information and R code for computing the significance of a streak.  Demonstrated with winning streaks in baseball.

Appendix A covers arrays, vectors and matrix.