Plots and Graphs Atributes

Plots and Graphs in R have lots of methods and arguments. Here are the basics.
argument, meaning
type,   type of plot
main, main title
sub,    subtitle

xlab,   label for x axis
ylab,    label for y axis

asp,    aspect yx ratio


parameter ,  description
col ,    color names, values, numbers, hex values

border, colour value
lwd ,   line width,value is a  number
lty ,     line type, value is a number
pch,    point symbol, value is a number
las,     style of axis labels

bg,     background fill color
cex,    magnifying ratio, number( 1 default)


Point symbol numbers are in the help file.

colors, I am amazed at the variety of color s available. Hex numbers work. RColorBrewer adds even more like palettes.