Open Source Bridge 2013

I spoke at Open Source Bridge this year. My slides

Study Design OSB –

Open Source Bridge is a great conference. We were sad to see it over. Registration is already open for next year. I hope to see you there.

Instant R Starter, the missing piece

Instant R Starter from is a book that I wish was available awhile ago. The book has information that I had to dig for when I needed it. Special values (NA, NaN, INF) NA is missing number. NaN not a number. And how they are used in R.

Clear directions on working with vectors. How vectors can be used as arguments of functions.

A clear concise book that is the missing piece.  It covers R programming with code and examples of loops and how to make your own functions. The missing piece in my library of R books.

Six Sigma with R


Six Sigma with R

Statistical Engineering for Process Improvement
Cano, Emilio L.; Martinez Moguerza, Javier; Redchuk, Andrés
Publication year 2012
I am a six sigma black belt. Six Sigma with R is a straight forward book that seamlessly matches my other Six Sigma books. The R code is understandable and easy to reuse. I am using the book to help me write a talk for Open Source Bridge 2013.

Is There a Cat in Here?

I did a session at bar camp 7 Portland. I brought a plastic bin of toys and asked the question Is there a cat in here? Talked and demoed how we would go about this. It is very slow to inspect each item and verify if it is a cat. First how would we know if we had a cat? We concluded that a cat had four legs, a head and fur. Took samples out of the bin and classified them into groups. Showed different types of classification trees, including discussion on red-black trees. Members of the group discussed their big data issues and sorts. Like coming up with an inspection criteria that allows you to make large cuts at the beginning and never look at that data again. We got thru 80% of the toys and concluded that there wasn’t a cat in the bin