Guide to Programming and Algorithms using R


Good book of useful algorithms programmed using R.

Written by Ozgur Ergul, published by Springer Publishing 2013.

I like how the book starts with cooking an omelette as an example of algorithm development.

Chapter 3.2.3 covers the Towers of Hanoi with detailed instructions and R code.

Chapter 4.5.1 is about the Traveling Salesman problem.

Chapter 6 has various sorting algorithms, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, and Quick sort. Table 6.1 is a comparison of the sorting methods.

Now I don’t have to figure out how to turn JAVA code into R code.

Chapter 7 has solutions of  linear systems of equations. Gaussian elimination, LU Factorization, Pivoting, Cholesky Factorization, and Gauss-Jordan elimination.

The book goes on with more useful information of file Processing.