Graphical Models with R


Graphical models with R by Soren Hojsgaard, David Edwards and Steffen Lauritzen published by Springer

I have been to a lot of talks lately on graphing social networks. Most of the code has been in python. I was happy to find this book written in R.
gRbase is the package for the book.
Most of the packages used in the book are on cran. The missing few dependencies are on Links to the site are on the gRbase part of cran. With some fiddling I got everything to work correctly.

Chapter 2.3.5 covers Hypothesis testing with graphical models.

I have been busy working thru all the examples in the book. Making lots of big spidery graphs that make sense. I am pleased with the mix a theory and code in this book.

I am thinking about what data to use with the code for an upcoming talk that I am giving.