Doing Data Science

Rachel Schutt and Cathy O’Neil wrote Doing Data Science, Straight Talk from the Frontline published by O’ Reilly 2013

The book describes and prescribes how to do Data Science. It isn’t a how to manual, the book isn’t for beginners. In the there are plenty of references to good beginner materials, many which are reviewed in this blog. The R and Python code provides examples of how to go about doing data science.

I received a review copy of this book. I am very pleased to have read it. The book How to do Data Science succinctly describes topics that I have been trying to get across to people.ofylqxif Chapter 2 has excellent information about Populations and Samples in Big Data.  Chapter 16 covers Next-generation Data Scientist, Hubris and Ethics, a good topic to include. 

The book came out of a class, I would of liked to have been in the class.