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Tables with R

People around Thanksgiving table enjoying dinner
Thanksgiving Table 11/26/2009

Cirque du Soleil Kurios show has an act where they mirror a table. It is amazing to see people upside down mirroring a table.

R   programming language has several packages for doing tables with R. Basic has a function called table. Which is good enough. Sometimes you want more. At a meeting last night someone said pander was the best package. Someone else said that they liked htmltable better. Also there is xtable and tables. tables was written by someone to be like SAS PROC TABULATE.  Many choices, pick out the one that you understand the directions and meets your publishing needs. Better depends on your point of view.






Thanksgiving Table right side up
table right side up

Functions in R

Hug Point Oregon Coast
Hug Point Oregon Coast

Wish I was at the coast.

R does a lot with functions. Let’s start with a simple function statement. The base R has a function called function.

In the following code:

f is the objects name

x is the varible

the function x +1 goes between { }

Pretty simple

f <- function(x) {x + 1}



[1] 5

Write your code try other functions. It is easier to write a function in R than other languages.

Separating Data in R

I had some messy data to turn tidy. Column of data that needed to be separated into two columns. All the directions where obscure and not helpful. Try searching for a regular expression on the web.
One of the things I was puzzled over was \\.+ found out it meant gosub(). Much easier to search on. Delimiter was another puzzling thing until I realized that I could treat it the same as when I read csv files. This is the R code that worked.


tidymessydata <- (separate(messydata, State.ZIP, into = c(“State”,”Zip”), sep = ” “))

separate is a function

messydata is the data.frame and State.Zip is the column that should be two.

into is the new column names

sep is the delimiter function, space is what it was separated on. I pressed the space bar between the quotation marks.

Hopefully this is clearer than what I found for directions.



RStudio & GitHub

Last night I learned what step I was missing to use RStudio and GitHub together. When I needed to push code to GitHub I couldn’t get it to work. This worked:

First make a repository on GitHub.

Then copy the SSH code for cloning repositories.

Open RStudio,make a new project for the repository,  go to tools tab, choose version control, pick git.

Next set up the project version control

Paste the SSH clone code in RStudio box for GitHub

Then the rest happens and RStudio is linked to GitHub and you can commit, push and pull.

I am glad I finally figured this out. Going to user groups in beneficial.

Vagrant UP?

I am taking a DevOps class. We are using vagrant. Saturday I lost my box. I typed vagrant up on the command line in a terminal window and nothing happened. I was thinking it would pop up like web servers do.
The command that I was missing was vagrant ssh.  This command ssh (secure shell) into the virtual box.

vagrant provision command allows you to make changes and add things like games to your virtual box.

Useful vagrant commands:

vagrant up

vagrant provision

vagrant ssh

Sample Bias or is this a Classification Problem?

curious white  dog
curious white dog

I am very frustrated with the hiring process. This is going to focus on logic. Given that a diverse workforce is wanted. Take 500 diverse qualified applicants screen to 50 then 5. One screening criteria, phone screens.

Chance is .01 to make it thru the process.
Let us go back to the screening criteria, a cell phone.

A successful phone screen requires a quality cell phone and a quiet place to chat.
Did the diverse workforce even make it to start of the process? Or is the screening process starting earlier making sure that you only get the like you people.

color in R

There are 101 shades of gray in R.  Along with lightgray, lightslategray, slategray, darkgray, darkslategray. Way more shades of gray than I will ever use.  I think I will try lavenderblush4 and chocolate4

[1] “white” “aliceblue” “antiquewhite” “antiquewhite1”
[5] “antiquewhite2” “antiquewhite3” “antiquewhite4” “aquamarine”
[9] “aquamarine1” “aquamarine2” “aquamarine3” “aquamarine4”
[13] “azure” “azure1” “azure2” “azure3”
[17] “azure4” “beige” “bisque” “bisque1”
[21] “bisque2” “bisque3” “bisque4” “black”
[25] “blanchedalmond” “blue” “blue1” “blue2”
[29] “blue3” “blue4” “blueviolet” “brown”
[33] “brown1” “brown2” “brown3” “brown4”
[37] “burlywood” “burlywood1” “burlywood2” “burlywood3”
[41] “burlywood4” “cadetblue” “cadetblue1” “cadetblue2”
[45] “cadetblue3” “cadetblue4” “chartreuse” “chartreuse1”
[49] “chartreuse2” “chartreuse3” “chartreuse4” “chocolate”
[53] “chocolate1” “chocolate2” “chocolate3” “chocolate4”
[57] “coral” “coral1” “coral2” “coral3”
[61] “coral4” “cornflowerblue” “cornsilk” “cornsilk1”
[65] “cornsilk2” “cornsilk3” “cornsilk4” “cyan”
[69] “cyan1” “cyan2” “cyan3” “cyan4”
[73] “darkblue” “darkcyan” “darkgoldenrod” “darkgoldenrod1”
[77] “darkgoldenrod2” “darkgoldenrod3” “darkgoldenrod4” “darkgray”
[81] “darkgreen” “darkgrey” “darkkhaki” “darkmagenta”
[85] “darkolivegreen” “darkolivegreen1” “darkolivegreen2” “darkolivegreen3”
[89] “darkolivegreen4” “darkorange” “darkorange1” “darkorange2”
[93] “darkorange3” “darkorange4” “darkorchid” “darkorchid1”
[97] “darkorchid2” “darkorchid3” “darkorchid4” “darkred”
[101] “darksalmon” “darkseagreen” “darkseagreen1” “darkseagreen2”
[105] “darkseagreen3” “darkseagreen4” “darkslateblue” “darkslategray”
[109] “darkslategray1” “darkslategray2” “darkslategray3” “darkslategray4”
[113] “darkslategrey” “darkturquoise” “darkviolet” “deeppink”
[117] “deeppink1” “deeppink2” “deeppink3” “deeppink4”
[121] “deepskyblue” “deepskyblue1” “deepskyblue2” “deepskyblue3”
[125] “deepskyblue4” “dimgray” “dimgrey” “dodgerblue”
[129] “dodgerblue1” “dodgerblue2” “dodgerblue3” “dodgerblue4”
[133] “firebrick” “firebrick1” “firebrick2” “firebrick3”
[137] “firebrick4” “floralwhite” “forestgreen” “gainsboro”
[141] “ghostwhite” “gold” “gold1” “gold2”
[145] “gold3” “gold4” “goldenrod” “goldenrod1”
[149] “goldenrod2” “goldenrod3” “goldenrod4” “gray”
[153] “gray0” “gray1” “gray2” “gray3”
[157] “gray4” “gray5” “gray6” “gray7”
[161] “gray8” “gray9” “gray10” “gray11”
[165] “gray12” “gray13” “gray14” “gray15”
[169] “gray16” “gray17” “gray18” “gray19”
[173] “gray20” “gray21” “gray22” “gray23”
[177] “gray24” “gray25” “gray26” “gray27”
[181] “gray28” “gray29” “gray30” “gray31”
[185] “gray32” “gray33” “gray34” “gray35”
[189] “gray36” “gray37” “gray38” “gray39”
[193] “gray40” “gray41” “gray42” “gray43”
[197] “gray44” “gray45” “gray46” “gray47”
[201] “gray48” “gray49” “gray50” “gray51”
[205] “gray52” “gray53” “gray54” “gray55”
[209] “gray56” “gray57” “gray58” “gray59”
[213] “gray60” “gray61” “gray62” “gray63”
[217] “gray64” “gray65” “gray66” “gray67”
[221] “gray68” “gray69” “gray70” “gray71”
[225] “gray72” “gray73” “gray74” “gray75”
[229] “gray76” “gray77” “gray78” “gray79”
[233] “gray80” “gray81” “gray82” “gray83”
[237] “gray84” “gray85” “gray86” “gray87”
[241] “gray88” “gray89” “gray90” “gray91”
[245] “gray92” “gray93” “gray94” “gray95”
[249] “gray96” “gray97” “gray98” “gray99”
[253] “gray100” “green” “green1” “green2”
[257] “green3” “green4” “greenyellow” “grey”
[261] “grey0” “grey1” “grey2” “grey3”
[265] “grey4” “grey5” “grey6” “grey7”
[269] “grey8” “grey9” “grey10” “grey11”
[273] “grey12” “grey13” “grey14” “grey15”
[277] “grey16” “grey17” “grey18” “grey19”
[281] “grey20” “grey21” “grey22” “grey23”
[285] “grey24” “grey25” “grey26” “grey27”
[289] “grey28” “grey29” “grey30” “grey31”
[293] “grey32” “grey33” “grey34” “grey35”
[297] “grey36” “grey37” “grey38” “grey39”
[301] “grey40” “grey41” “grey42” “grey43”
[305] “grey44” “grey45” “grey46” “grey47”
[309] “grey48” “grey49” “grey50” “grey51”
[313] “grey52” “grey53” “grey54” “grey55”
[317] “grey56” “grey57” “grey58” “grey59”
[321] “grey60” “grey61” “grey62” “grey63”
[325] “grey64” “grey65” “grey66” “grey67”
[329] “grey68” “grey69” “grey70” “grey71”
[333] “grey72” “grey73” “grey74” “grey75”
[337] “grey76” “grey77” “grey78” “grey79”
[341] “grey80” “grey81” “grey82” “grey83”
[345] “grey84” “grey85” “grey86” “grey87”
[349] “grey88” “grey89” “grey90” “grey91”
[353] “grey92” “grey93” “grey94” “grey95”
[357] “grey96” “grey97” “grey98” “grey99”
[361] “grey100” “honeydew” “honeydew1” “honeydew2”
[365] “honeydew3” “honeydew4” “hotpink” “hotpink1”
[369] “hotpink2” “hotpink3” “hotpink4” “indianred”
[373] “indianred1” “indianred2” “indianred3” “indianred4”
[377] “ivory” “ivory1” “ivory2” “ivory3”
[381] “ivory4” “khaki” “khaki1” “khaki2”
[385] “khaki3” “khaki4” “lavender” “lavenderblush”
[389] “lavenderblush1” “lavenderblush2” “lavenderblush3” “lavenderblush4”
[393] “lawngreen” “lemonchiffon” “lemonchiffon1” “lemonchiffon2”
[397] “lemonchiffon3” “lemonchiffon4” “lightblue” “lightblue1”
[401] “lightblue2” “lightblue3” “lightblue4” “lightcoral”
[405] “lightcyan” “lightcyan1” “lightcyan2” “lightcyan3”
[409] “lightcyan4” “lightgoldenrod” “lightgoldenrod1” “lightgoldenrod2”
[413] “lightgoldenrod3” “lightgoldenrod4” “lightgoldenrodyellow” “lightgray”
[417] “lightgreen” “lightgrey” “lightpink” “lightpink1”
[421] “lightpink2” “lightpink3” “lightpink4” “lightsalmon”
[425] “lightsalmon1” “lightsalmon2” “lightsalmon3” “lightsalmon4”
[429] “lightseagreen” “lightskyblue” “lightskyblue1” “lightskyblue2”
[433] “lightskyblue3” “lightskyblue4” “lightslateblue” “lightslategray”
[437] “lightslategrey” “lightsteelblue” “lightsteelblue1” “lightsteelblue2”
[441] “lightsteelblue3” “lightsteelblue4” “lightyellow” “lightyellow1”
[445] “lightyellow2” “lightyellow3” “lightyellow4” “limegreen”
[449] “linen” “magenta” “magenta1” “magenta2”
[453] “magenta3” “magenta4” “maroon” “maroon1”
[457] “maroon2” “maroon3” “maroon4” “mediumaquamarine”
[461] “mediumblue” “mediumorchid” “mediumorchid1” “mediumorchid2”
[465] “mediumorchid3” “mediumorchid4” “mediumpurple” “mediumpurple1”
[469] “mediumpurple2” “mediumpurple3” “mediumpurple4” “mediumseagreen”
[473] “mediumslateblue” “mediumspringgreen” “mediumturquoise” “mediumvioletred”
[477] “midnightblue” “mintcream” “mistyrose” “mistyrose1”
[481] “mistyrose2” “mistyrose3” “mistyrose4” “moccasin”
[485] “navajowhite” “navajowhite1” “navajowhite2” “navajowhite3”
[489] “navajowhite4” “navy” “navyblue” “oldlace”
[493] “olivedrab” “olivedrab1” “olivedrab2” “olivedrab3”
[497] “olivedrab4” “orange” “orange1” “orange2”
[501] “orange3” “orange4” “orangered” “orangered1”
[505] “orangered2” “orangered3” “orangered4” “orchid”
[509] “orchid1” “orchid2” “orchid3” “orchid4”
[513] “palegoldenrod” “palegreen” “palegreen1” “palegreen2”
[517] “palegreen3” “palegreen4” “paleturquoise” “paleturquoise1”
[521] “paleturquoise2” “paleturquoise3” “paleturquoise4” “palevioletred”
[525] “palevioletred1” “palevioletred2” “palevioletred3” “palevioletred4”
[529] “papayawhip” “peachpuff” “peachpuff1” “peachpuff2”
[533] “peachpuff3” “peachpuff4” “peru” “pink”
[537] “pink1” “pink2” “pink3” “pink4”
[541] “plum” “plum1” “plum2” “plum3”
[545] “plum4” “powderblue” “purple” “purple1”
[549] “purple2” “purple3” “purple4” “red”
[553] “red1” “red2” “red3” “red4”
[557] “rosybrown” “rosybrown1” “rosybrown2” “rosybrown3”
[561] “rosybrown4” “royalblue” “royalblue1” “royalblue2”
[565] “royalblue3” “royalblue4” “saddlebrown” “salmon”
[569] “salmon1” “salmon2” “salmon3” “salmon4”
[573] “sandybrown” “seagreen” “seagreen1” “seagreen2”
[577] “seagreen3” “seagreen4” “seashell” “seashell1”
[581] “seashell2” “seashell3” “seashell4” “sienna”
[585] “sienna1” “sienna2” “sienna3” “sienna4”
[589] “skyblue” “skyblue1” “skyblue2” “skyblue3”
[593] “skyblue4” “slateblue” “slateblue1” “slateblue2”
[597] “slateblue3” “slateblue4” “slategray” “slategray1”
[601] “slategray2” “slategray3” “slategray4” “slategrey”
[605] “snow” “snow1” “snow2” “snow3”
[609] “snow4” “springgreen” “springgreen1” “springgreen2”
[613] “springgreen3” “springgreen4” “steelblue” “steelblue1”
[617] “steelblue2” “steelblue3” “steelblue4” “tan”
[621] “tan1” “tan2” “tan3” “tan4”
[625] “thistle” “thistle1” “thistle2” “thistle3”
[629] “thistle4” “tomato” “tomato1” “tomato2”
[633] “tomato3” “tomato4” “turquoise” “turquoise1”
[637] “turquoise2” “turquoise3” “turquoise4” “violet”
[641] “violetred” “violetred1” “violetred2” “violetred3”
[645] “violetred4” “wheat” “wheat1” “wheat2”
[649] “wheat3” “wheat4” “whitesmoke” “yellow”
[653] “yellow1” “yellow2” “yellow3” “yellow4”
[657] “yellowgreen”

CellularAutomation R Package

CellularAutomation R Package for doing cellular automation.  The package looks like it has all the functions needed to do cellular automata. The documentation is  light on how and what to do. It is going to take more time and research to come up with an explanation for general audiences. Until then enjoy this picture and example code.

ca = CellularAutomaton(n = 110, t = 100, seed = c(0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0), bg = -1)
ca$plot(col = c(“white”, “purple”))

automaa celluar