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Read an article about Dark Web written by Doug Schadel and Neil Wertheimer, published in AARP Bulletin September 2018, pages 10 to 18.

I have been paying attention to what is written and said about Cybersecurity and Infosec. I learned best practices from years of  doing research work that included keeping integrity, privacy, safety and security of data. I went to DEFCON this year. I enjoyed reading this article. The article clearly explains what things are and how they work. Like TOR, who developed it and that it stands for Onion Router. The authors do a good job of explaining what of your information is being bought and sold ,something called fullz profiles. The article concludes with the advice of freezing your credit, closely monitor all accounts and using a password manager. Follow this good advice.

Unit Origami


Origami Design Secrets, Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art by Robert Lang 2003

Roses, Origami & Math by Toshikazu Kawasaki 1998

The Art and Wonder of Origami by Kunuhiko Kasahara 2004

Unit Origami, multidimensional transformation by Tomoko Fuse 1990


I taught origami and math as a Talented and Gifted Students class.

I folded these units at Computation and Cupcakes hosted by Women Who Code.This fall I will teach this class to Women Who Code.

Recently I gave star unit origami to someone who said I could never make something so complicated. I can show you how to make something complicated.

Fold a single square piece of paper into the unit.

Take folded units six to make a cube, 12 to make a star.

Unit Origami folded paper into geometric solids
Unit Origami

Each unit has to be exactly the same. Consistent units are just as important as consistent labels on data.
Math concepts covered will include symmetry, transformations, group theory, number theory, fractions and geometric solids. While folding paper think about complex concepts that are important in big data, tensorflow, neural networks, machine learning and cryptography.