True or False

This is something that I keep tripping up on in R programming. True is all caps when used as a logic operator. Same with false. Type TRUE when I want to know if something is true or set it to true. Same for false, type FALSE. And don’t leave the caps lock on.

The Cycle of Deviant Behavior


The Cycle of Deviant Behavior by Howard B. Kaplan and Glen C. Tolle,Jr. published by springer press. 2006

I came across this book on a pertinent topic. The book is an excellent example on how to conduct research studies. It is a longitudinal prospective study. The gold standard of this type of research study. It is not retrospective like so many studies are. The book has a thorough literature review. Well documented handling of missing values. Uses structural equation modeling. The book provides a template for systematic logic of procedures for analysis of bi variate relationships.

Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement


Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement by Laura Sebastian-Coleman.

This the kind of book I like finding and recommending. DQAF, Data Quality Measurement Framework. The book brings quality control to data management. The first section of the book thoroughly covers definitions. It then goes on to explain measure. Continuing on to the how part of data quality. The book is is a useful reference book. I know that I will use it as a reference for upcoming writing and talks.

Bright Shiny New Year 2014

Actually it is cold grey and foggy. I am forever an optimist. We had winter solstice and the days are slowly getting longer. I get distracted by bright shiny things. Bright shiny things that attracted my attention presently are: D3, amazing things with static data. Text mining using R. Maps, geo.json, github renders maps. Tensors, I am working on how to explain them better. Now to get writing.